Marijuana myth busting

I was ready to do anything to help make that horrible process just the leat bit better

I think I might be more of a marijuana advocate for the very reason that I was once so against it. The idea of using cannabis products was abhorrent to me. I couldn’t believe anyone would take the chance of destroying their lives by using cannabis. At the time, I didn’t even know the name cannabis and I referred to it as pot. That or I would mimic adults that called it the devil’s weed and stuff like that. I was fully and totally indoctrinated to the idea that marijuana was evil because I believed all the myths. I believed that a toke of sativa would be the first step in a life of crime and drug addiction. I believed the myth that cannabis was merely a gateway drug to putting needle in my arm. If it was bad news about marijuana, I believed it. But I also believed a lot of other things that were completely stupid and based in total hogwash. And then, I got cancer. That will get your attention as to what is reality and what isn’t. When it was suggested by my doctor that I avail myself of some indica strains for sale a the local cannabis spot, I was appalled. And then, I got a big lesson in just how important medical marijuana is for people dealing with cancer treatment. I was ready to do anything to help make that horrible process just the leat bit better. So I went all in with medical marijuana and it completely changed so much of my thinking. See, when one deeply held myth gets busted, you start taking a hard look at all of your beliefs. And believe me, I’m so thankful for cannabis and cannabis products.

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