Making glass bongs and pipes

In school I got into glass blowing as a hobby.

I had high hopes of being a lawyer, and was focused on my schooling, however working with glass and sculpture was my artistic outlet! Glass blowing is a honestly specialized skill, involving taking molten glass on the end of a pipe and blowing it into a special shape.

I would make vases or lamp bases, or sometimes just make a insane creation out of colored glass, years later when I went to college I found a supplemental income by using my glass blowing skills at the local glassworks. This business adjoined the medical marijuana dispensary, and basically all I did was make bongs and pipes for potheads, then working there also gave myself and others simple access to medical cannabis, something that I started to avail myself of on a nightly basis. I could never use medical cannabis while working of course, because the heat involved is honestly dangerous. Whenever I went to my college classes, or hung out around the house, I would smoke a lot of medical cannabis. With the employee discount I got at the medical cannabis store, it was cheaper than smoking cigarettes! Eventually I moved out of neighborhood and had to stop working at the medical cannabis shop, but I still make bongs in my spare time… Now I sell them online, through an Etsy shop, instead of in a medical cannabis dispensary. The pay is a lot better, however separate from getting the sweet employee discount at the medical cannabis store, I still make less at the end of the day.


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