Long weekend and cannabis are a hit

So I’m totally guilty of taking my life for granted at times.

This might be true for all of us to some degree.

But that’s no reason to not look to shake that up a bit. That’s how I got to thinking just what might be a cool surprise for my spouse. Turns out, I was right on with making the first stop the local cannabis spot, however unbeknownst to my husband, I decided to put together a long weekend where it would just be the two of us, then my pal and I have jobs, kids and all of that so of course, my great friend and I sacrifice a lot of time with each other for all of that. My pal and I absolutely met at a party in college when he stopped me from throwing away almost a whole bag of cannabis. I was trying to make pot brownies the only way I knew how which was to toss the shake into the mix, but he saved the afternoon and even later taught me how to infuse the cannabis with butter to make awesome pot brownies. My pal and I have enjoyed recreational marijuana ever since. But with all of our commitments, it’s taxing to find the time to kick back and cherish some sativa or indica strains together. That’s what the long weekend was for. I had my folks take care of the kids and I packed my person a bag before stopping by the local cannabis spot to option up some cannabis products. My pal and I enjoyed that long weekend so much and the red dream I purchased at the cannabis dispensary sure didn’t hurt. I even purchased some cannabis edibles as a throwback to the aged pot brownies that brought us together.



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