Laughter and marijuana can be great medicine for the soul

The two of us have always known that laughter can be great medicine and based on some personal experiences, the two of us would agree that this is easily the truth.

The two of us have suspected that we can connect these two things due to the amount of laughter that happens when the people I was with plus myself get stoned.

Regularly there are some things that all of us would consider but now we have found more than one way to keep up with everything. Getting high makes the two of us feel less serious which is frankly one reason why it is regularly considered to be excellent medicine. The problems I have in life easily melt away and I find myself relaxing as well as enjoying myself. Tobacco and alcohol have weird side effects and other addictive drugs can be a lot worse than cannabis. Marijuana and cannabis products relieve stress without forming an addictive quality or some very odd side effects. A girlfriend 2 years ago said that the people I was with as well as myself smoked too much weed plus there was a problem with that relationship and it did not last long at all. I had to find a person that loved marijuana as much as myself and thankfully I found a partner that is a lover of the same things as me. Both of us enjoy using medical and recreational marijuana and we smoke cannabis together when we have a lot of fun. It’s nice to be with someone that respects marijuana the same as I do.

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