It's too much of a hassle to get my medical card

Every one of us wish that our state had recreational marijuana at least a little bit and that is something that stinks a whole lot because we only have medical weed. If every one of us want to be able to access the type of cannabis products that are medical, we have to have the prescription of a dentist. Every one of us have to make our appointment and then have us go to the waiting room where we check out the dentist in addition to get a script. We can fill out paperwork plus even spend a great amount of money which would be a $70 fee or even higher. It’s the problem is that it says single fee and then this happens to be paid every single year. Every one of us wouldn’t mind getting the medical marijuana card if we didn’t have to continue to pay all of these extraordinary fees over plus over again. Sometimes every one of us like to take something for sleeping and cannabis could absolutely help a great deal but I don’t want to have to go through all of the problems just to get my cannabis card. I would entirely like to be able to vape and I have regularly debated on traveling over to a recreational Cannabis State just so I could get the oil cannabis products that I want. How crazy is it to think that the next state allows us to do something that I can’t at all in my own home town even though 30 miles is just a small short distance.

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