It’s going to keep getting better plus the cannabis dispensary sure helps

For sure, this life has been a total challenge for me.

And occasionally, it’s been more of a big drag than a challenge. Since I was a kid, I’ve dealt with some form of anxiety plus depression. The only time I felt relief from that anxiety plus depression was during university actually! For sure, a wonderful deal of that was I had finally found a passion that I knew could be a wonderful work… But it was also the first time I was introduced to recreational marijuana. When I think about it now, I was really venturing in on medical marijuana treatment before I even realized it. Those few years in university using recreational marijuana were the best of our life. I just felt better, was more at peace plus did not carry around this ball of fear in our stomach. That was a honestly welcome time to our life. But it was the cannabis that helped myself and others through section of our life really. But I put it down do the drug tests that were required in our work back in those days. Of course, I right away was upset to welcome back the anxiety plus depression that had left myself and others for a while. And I went to nurses who prescribed myself and others all sorts of unusual medications. But they either did not toil or the side effects outweighed the positives of the medication. So once the marijuana laws changed in our state, I decided to check out a cannabis dispensary near me. The more I l earned about cannabis plus how successful at it was for treating people with our condition, the more it seemed love it was the right thing for myself and others to do. And I’m so ecstatic I did because I know so much better.


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