It’s consistently a trip to the cannabis dispensary

But really, I’m ready for medical marijuana to happen here

I’m not so sure if this next election cycle will finally produce the results that I hope to see when it comes to medical marijuana. But all I can do is be hopeful and continue to guess and command for sensible cannabis laws. My pal and I came so close the last time however we still lost. As a lady who knows the benefits of medical marijuana all too well, that was a crucial disappointment. I’ve been a bit fortunate throughout my life to have some connections to cannabis growers. But it’s not like I could just get my sativa and indica orders filled as though it was a cannabis dispensary. There was still so many precautions that had to be taken and all that. This is something that I can’t wait to be a thing of the past. And I’m hopeful that soon, those cannabis growers who have been helping me out will finally ply their trade legally, however, there has been a change that turned out to be quite fantastic for me. The state next to ours has legalized recreational marijuana. There are cannabis dispensaries that anyone who is of age can now have access to marijuana for sale. It’s still a bit of a trip for me. Round trip, it’s about 6 hours of driving. I try to make a fun trip out of it when I can. Sometimes, I’ll even stay the weekend as I have friends who live out there. But really, I’m ready for medical marijuana to happen here. And hopefully when that goes attractively, there will soon then be recreational marijuana available as well.

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