It was my first visit to the cannabis dispensary,

I was going to see my daughter, plus it was my first vacation without my spouse or mom, and Dad wasn’t feeling well plus wasn’t up to traveling with me, plus my spouse didn’t cherish traveling! I had planned this trip for a month, plus I would not stay condo because I missed my daughter.

My spouse told me to have fun plus she would see me when I got home, but I knew he’d call me many times each day.

Dad went to stay with my sibling, but I was going to miss both of them, then when I got to my daughter’s house, she was getting ready to go shopping, but she was happy I arrived in time to go with her, and although I was sleepy from driving for eight hours, I still went shopping with her. My buddy and I went to the grocery store for dinner items, plus after that my buddy and I headed to the cannabis dispensary. I had never been to a cannabis dispensary before, plus I was excited… The first thing I noticed when my buddy and I walked into the cannabis dispensary was the lack of the smell of marijuana. My kid said you wouldn’t smell it, because they kept it all in back. I found a easily cool ornament that I thought was an ancient bullet holder from a gun, plus my kid picked iit up. She showed me it was a marijuana grinder. I thought my spouse would like it because it looked like it would fit one of her antique guns. She laughed plus picked up many packs of gummies that she used respectfully in venue of pain medicines. It was my first time in a cannabis dispensary, plus I was happy I went there with my daughter.


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