Insisting on good quality flower

I don’t want the shake that has fallen off mature flowers

While the dispensary offers every possible consumption method, I like traditional flower. I like the quick onset of effects plus the experience of smoking, then unluckyly, I’m not all that skilled at rolling a joint. I tend to pack too much cannabis inside plus can’t manage a tight roll. The joint continually needs to be relit plus develops an overly long ash. There is waste plus mess involved! Rolling a joint also requires access to a grinder, rolling tray plus papers. The ideal solution is pre-rolls! Nearly every dispensary offers a selection of pre-rolls. They are officially available in joints, bunts plus cannagars plus sold in singles plus packs. There are often varieties infused with kief for a burst of potency. Because of the popularity of pre-rolls, most manufacturers offer their signature strains. However, there are times when manufacturers keep the price of pre-rolls low by packing them with low level shake… Some people are willing to sacrifice quality for the sake of saving a few dollars. I’m not willing to smoke sub par weed, and for me, smoking is an experience. It’s a treat after a long labor week. I look forward to our Saturday or Saturday night, kicking back plus lighting up. I expect a unquestionably consistent, clean plus smooth burn. I want robust terpenes plus a depth of cannabinoids, then everything from the smell plus flavor to the potency is important to me. I am unwilling to accept a joint filled with leaves, sticks plus seeds. I don’t want the shake that has fallen off mature flowers. I will pay extra to have a joint created from full buds.

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