Impressed with quality of flower

There are no seeds or twigs mixed in.

The cannabis dispensary closest to my home is locally owned and operated. Along with the dispensary, their operation includes two-acres of fertile land where they grow cannabis plants. They also have built a huge indoor grow facility and processing center. They are able to take their cannabis from seed to sale and have produced innovative strains of flower. I absolutely love browsing the selection at the dispensary. They showcase some of the best weed I’ve found anywhere. Stepping inside and exploring is an experience. I appreciate the vibrant colors, aromas and textures. Because of their quality of bud, I’ve become somewhat particular about the weed I smoke. I am unwilling to waste my time, effort and money on subpar buds. I look for a rich green color and the bright orange pistils that indicate the flower was cultivated at peak maturity. I check for a plentiful coating of crystal-like trichomes and make sure the texture falls in-between dry and sticky. I want dense buds with no sign of webs or mold. I appreciate that the local dispensary has all of their strains lab-tested and third-party verified. Their weed is organically grown, using no pesticides, and offers incredible THC potency, beautiful terpenes and outstanding flavor. I can trust that I’m going to get a consistent and smooth burn. There are no seeds or twigs mixed in. Plus, the packaging provides detailed information on the THC and CBD content for accurate dosing. The flower is always fresh and aromatic. I vary between creating my own joints, packing pipes and also taking advantage of the convenience of pre-rolls.

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