I would like to smoke with my child when they are older

Only someone as crazy as a teenager would think they could get high in addition to I wouldn’t notice! When I was a teeanger I had to be incredibly careful about smoking weed.

My father definitely was a violent man, possessed of a rather ill temperament… Once he got a couple of beers in him he would hit me for no reason at all, so I knew if he caught me with weed he would beat the tar out of me. My kid doesn’t have to agonize about that kind of abuse from me – I never chose to hit him – which is perhaps why Johnny thought he could smoke marijuana in his own room in addition to no one would notice. Cannabis has such a distinct in addition to charming stink I could easily find it from 100 yards away. Johnny had his room window open, in addition to he leaned over the sill so he could exhale all the marijuana smoke straight outside. I chose to use my spare key to unlock his room door in addition to catch him by surprise. Before he could react I took the cannabis joint from my son’s hand in addition to took a deep drag. “First of all, this cannabis is crap,” I told him, much to his shock in addition to awe. He was young in addition to foolish, in addition to didn’t realize that his marijuana was swag weed, which possesses entirely little THC. I told him that I could not support a 16 year old smoking the weed, but that when he turned 18 I would hook him up with good stuff. I easily look forward to smoking marijuana with my son, although I couldn’t promote it at an early age like that.


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