I went where cannabis was legal

So like numerous people this age, I have my retirement circled on my calendar.

I was for sure ready to quit.

I’ve been blessed to be able to have a work that started as a passion. Yet, the fire for that passion waned a bit the older I got. The stress of the office began to outweigh the other, nicer stuff. I was ready to be done & kick back with some cannabis legally. I’ve had an on & off affair with using recreational marijuana for more than 50 years. Recreational marijuana was so abundant when I was in my teens. Still, it was illegal & I had to be so careful. A bust for even self-explanatory cannabis possession back then could have long-lasting repercussions. But I sure did appreciate spending a sunny afternoon in the park with hacky sack, some friends & whatever sativa strain that might be on hand. Yet, it wasn’t as though my friends and I could simply go looking for marijuana for sale the way my friend and I currently do. Instead, unless you knew a cannabis farmer, you took whatever recreational marijuana was available. And forget about knowing what the THC level was. I’ve had to be discreet about my enjoyment of cannabis. Well, that’s all changed now. The first thing I did when I retired was the sell the dwelling & transfer to a new state where I could get to know the folks at the local cannabis spot. I chose to retire where recreational marijuana is totally legal. And boy, it’s so liberating to be able to just be even-handed about the benefits of sativa & indica strains instead of needing to hide it.

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