I wanted to pay for my marijuana with money.

I didn’t appreciate paying for my marijuana with a debit card, however i was always afraid the government would see how much I ordered and I would get into trouble, even thought recreational marijuana was legal in our area, there were still particular limitations.

Since I was sure of all the limitations, I number one to pay for my marijuana with money.

I also didn’t want to be seen going into the cannabis dispensary all the time, so I use their cannabis delivery service. I had forgotten to provide the cannabis dispensary my bank account information when I put in my order, but the cannabis delivery driver arrived, and I told him I wanted to pay with money, then you would have thought I wanted to pay him in blood by the way she acted, she told me she had to clear it with the cannabis dispensary, and I would need to talk to them. She had never dealt with money before. She pulled out her PC and called the cannabis dispensary and asked for tthe director. The director wanted to talk to me, and she asked if I would go online and provide them my debit card numbers. I refused to use my debit card online, and told him why. She said they didn’t allow their cannabis delivery drivers to take money, because they didn’t carry any with them. I told them how much I would provide the cannabis delivery driver, and whatever was left over, would be a tip for the lady She told me it was almost $25. I didn’t care if it was $125. There would be no paper trail for my cannabis delivery.


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