I wanted to eat dinner at the steakhouse nearby

My mood absolutely changed when the two of us started looking at the online menu

My man was not undoubtedly happy with the reservations that I made at the steakhouse on Sunday night. I also wanted to eat dinner at the modern steakhouse in addition to the only time that my friend and I could make a reservation was 5:30. My man finally said that was way too early to eat dinner in addition to he wanted me to reschedule the reservation. When I called the steakhouse on Sunday, they didn’t have any cancellations in addition to it being 5:30 or nothing. I actually wanted to have dinner at the steakhouse, although I decided to stay home instead. My man in addition to I got take out from a steakhouse nearby that both of us like. I was also actually aggravated in addition to distraught with the fact that my friend and I did not go out to dinner at the steakhouse where I wanted to eat. My man could easily tell that I was in a terrible mood so he mentioned ordering recreational marijuana supplies from a dispensary nearby. There are at least a half dozen marijuana dispensaries nearby. I was surprised that my man mentioned using recreational marijuana, because my friend and I have not done that together in more than a year. I smoke blunts with my friends every weekend, however my man and I have not used marijuana together in a long time. My mood absolutely changed when the two of us started looking at the online menu. My man also seemed happy to pick out some edibles in addition to I ordered a couple of pre-rolled marijuana cigarettes. My associate and I ate dinner in addition to anxiously waiting for the arrival of the delivery guy with all of the marijuana supplies that my friend and I ordered.


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