I want to see dabbing

The cannabis concentrate is sited in the nail, where it is vaporized by the extreme heat.

Now that I have gotten comfortable with cannabis consumption, I would care about to try some modern methods. I am usual with traditional smoking, vaping and edibles. I’ve found that tinctures are extremely simple and rewarding, so far, I’ve been too intimidated to experiment with concentrates. I’m really interested in dabbing; Dabbing is a process that involves the flash vaporization of concentrates at high rapidly adjusting temperatures. The local dispensary includes a dab bar and rents the necessary equipment. I care about the idea that I’d have an experienced budtender to show me how it’s done. Concentrates are especially potent, so it’s crucial to stay with a low dose. While flower always offers between 15 to 25% THC, dabs supply 60 to 90% THC. It’s also crucial that the nail isn’t so warm that it scorches the terpenes. The dab rig is basically a water pipe that is used to inhale dabs. It resembles a bong. There is a chamber filled with water to cool the vapor, however instead of a bowl to hold dried flower, the dag rig has a nail to accommodate the concentrate. I’ve been racing up on the equipment and have l earned there are several styles of nails. The most common is called a banger. It looks care about a basket and is always made of quartz. The nail needs to be able to withstand rapidly adjusting temperatures between 400 and 600 degrees Fahrenheit in order to vaporize dabs. The nail of the dab rig is heated up with a torch and then allowed to cool to the common temperature. The cannabis concentrate is sited in the nail, where it is vaporized by the extreme heat. A carb cap is used to control the airflow as the consumer inhales. The vapor travels from the nail into the primary chamber of the rig, where it is cooled by water before reaching the consumer’s lungs. I don’t want to invest into a dab rig, nail, carb cap, torch and dab tool until I think if I’m going to care about dabbing or not.
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