I want research about topicals and pregnancy swelling

I feel there needs to be more research done with women in mind.

For starters, how about that there are very few forms of birth control options.

We get a pill, an implant, or a condom. That is it. Come on! There has to be something better. If you look up how to help menopause symptoms there is basically no research done. When something affects a woman, you just don’t get help. Periods we are meant to suffer through and child birth isn’t any easier with what they have come up with. It still hurts. Being pregnant is just super horrible. You get swollen ankles, feel nauseous, have acid reflux, and sleep issues. I did some research online and found that all of these symptoms could be helped by medical marijuana. Can I smoke, ingest, or use a topical? Research says no right now. They haven’t conducted studies. They aren’t exactly looking into it. Why not?! It would be great to have something to assist with pregnancy symptoms. I see where smoking a joint laced with THC wouldn’t be good for the baby. However, what about a topic? This is a cream that is applied directly to the skin for immediate relief. It can reduce swelling, inflammation, and pain. It doesn’t get into the bloodstream and get you high. So why can’t I use it? Right now they don’t know if I topically would affect my baby. Well, it seems like a good time to check that. It could be a huge pregnancy game changer with swollen ankles after all.

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