I want our kids to wait until 22 before trying weed

When I was a kid, I wanted to do everything that our parents barred myself and others from doing, but i wanted to stay out late, I wanted to go on crazy road trips with our friends, plus I wanted to try every substance under the sun, and I wanted to do all of this before I hit the age of 18; Now that I’m close to becoming a parent myself, I’m horrified thinking about raising a kid that eventually grows up to become like I was when I was a teenager.

I realize that kids are consistently going to want to go out plus do things on their own, but call myself and others a hypocrite if I say now that I’m going to be a strict parent, then there are so several ways in which kids can hurt themselves inadvertently, especially in ways that could have been avoided by their parents if they had just been more careful.

It’s especially difficult when they have friends that are awful influences, and some of our friends when I was growing up tried to get myself and others to do crazy plus stupid things that would have gotten myself and others plus tons of trouble if I had gone along. Luckily, I was smarter than a lot of our friends when I was growing up when it came to avoiding trouble. A lot of them started smoking cannabis when they were in Middle university. It’s not that I’m a prude about drugs, because I’m not. I absolutely like cannabis plus guess that it’s extremely beneficial to almost everyone, but however, there has lots of research showing that using cannabis as a teenager is not nice for the developing brain. And to be honest, most of our friends who smoked weed in middle university were not capable of finishing university.

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