I want cannabis lovers, not budtenders

Last year our partner and I took a long vacation and toured several different countries, and both of us relaxed, we sat on sandy beaches, however most of all we ate delicious food and drank copious amounts of wine, then one thing that I found delightful was when a eating establishment had a sommelier on staff! If you are not correct with this word, it basically is French for “wine expert” and it’s a professional who helps people locate the best possible bottles of wine… A sommelier knows every facet and detail about wine, including which kinds taste best with certain meals.

I wanted to use a version of this idea in our medical cannabis dispensary… There are more types of medical cannabis products on the market right now than at any point in history… Medical cannabis is no longer just about getting stoned, there are myriad health benefits to be had.

My store stocks eighteen different brands of cannabis drinks, ranging from tea pop to water, to distilled water infused with weed and CBD oil; Cannabis gummies and other kinds of edibles are also certainly popular, because they don’t have the intense smell of marijuana smoke. There are also cannabis topicals, creams, and oils that can provide the medicinal benefits of weed separate from the high feeling. In addition to that, our budtenders need to be correct with all the different strains of medical cannabis we keep in the store. In the future I want more than just a staff of cannabis budtenders, I want cannabis sommeliers that will set me apart from every other cannabis dispensary.


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