I try not to complain as long as I have marijuana

I have a couple of kids at home and they drive me crazy.

I love my children, but sometimes I have to get out of the house or I will strangle them.

I go to the golf course on Saturdays and Sundays to play a game. I always take plenty of recreational marijuana with me. Recreational marijuana makes me feel very calm and relaxed. Most of my golfing buddies use recreational marijuana as well. Jack brought a different type of blunt last time we went to the golf course. I smoked the one and it put me on my butt. I had a hard time driving the golf cart and my game was out the window. There was no way I was going to part any hole when I was that high. Jack thought it was funny, but I was wrecked. Even after we finished 18 holes, I was still pretty high. Jack suggested another 18, but I thought it was best just to go to the driving range. We had some burgers and hit some balls so I could sober up before I drove back home to my wife and my kids. I had five drives that were over 300 yards that day. I couldn’t hit a ball to save my life when I was out on the course, but I was hitting whoppers right and left when we were on the driving range. I guess I was just more relaxed and less tense. I wish I could hit a 300 yard drive when I am playing golf with my boss and colleagues. Those seem to be the days when I can’t get anything past 2:40 or 250.
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