I truly do not mind working strenuous to get the things I want

Close to 9 months ago, I started working at the marijuana shop in the city.

The arena has delivery in addition to indoor shopping services.

The marijuana shop is tied up from Sun up until sundown. I was working at a marijuana shop nearby, however the arena was killing my hours week after week. I was full-time in addition to then sales dropped in addition to I went from 40 hours a week to 25 hours a week. Each week after that my hours continued to go down until I was at part-time status in addition to no longer eligible for medical, dental, or getaway. It was during this time that I thought it best to look for a good job somewhere else. I was going to look for a job at the factory, because it pays a little bit more money than the jobs at the marijuana shops, but fortunately, one of my good pals got me a job at the marijuana shop in the city. The arena pays $1 more for every hour that I work in addition to I have all of the benefits that I did at the other site. The most wonderful part about the job is the fact that I get 40 hours a week plus a pretty good chance to get overtime. When I started working at the marijuana shop in the city, I told the manager that I was going to work pretty hard in addition to become a manager eventually. It will not take especially long when I am working 60 hours every single week. I am always taking extra shifts in addition to learning whatever that I can about the marijuana sales business. The manager does not have any openings currently, however I am hoping the next one will be mine.

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