I told no one about using medical marijuana.

When I got my medical marijuana ID card, neither my husband or I told anyone I had it. I had heard how some family members and friends thought you should share with them, since you could now get marijuana legally. I didn’t want to hurt anyone by telling them no, and I didn’t want to lose any friends over my telling them no. No one knew I was using medical marijuana, so no one asked about it. My husband had taken me to the marijuana dispensary one morning so I could pick up my order. By the time we got home, he was hungry and wanted lunch, so I laid the bag on the bar while I got his lunch for him. I wasn’t expecting anyone that afternoon, so I thought nothing about letting the bag from the medical marijuana dispensary, sit out. We had just sat down with our chicken salads, when the door opened. My cousin and his wife walked through the door. It was like she had radar, because within a few seconds, she was checking out the bag. She had a lot of questions about medical marijuana, but she was focusing on what I had purchased. My name was clearly on the bag. I told her it was just some cream for my arthritis, but she didn’t believe me and began to open the bag. I told her if I wanted the bag opened, I would have opened. I took my marijuana products bag out of her hands, took it bag to the bedroom, and shut the door. She was so angry, she grabbed my cousin’s arm and told him they weren’t welcome in our house anymore. It’s been a year since they have talked to me.


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