I told my mom that I was going to use my christmas money for marijuana

After college, I stayed in the place where I went to school.

  • At the time, recreational marijuana was not legal, but two years later it was.

It’s been legal for a couple of years and I have been using recreational marijuana during that time. I don’t talk about recreational marijuana with my mom, because I know how she feels about the subject. She knows that it is legal here and we have talked about the legislature, but she hasn’t asked if I use those drugs as she would refer to marijuana. She told me that she was going to send me a check for Christmas this year instead of sending me the normal things that she would. I was pretty excited when she said that she was going to send a check. I blurted out that I was going to use the check to buy recreational marijuana supplies and my mom was completely horrified and offended. I told her that I was just joking around, but she’s my mom and she knew that I was telling the truth. She told me that she had to change the laundry and put the clothes into the dryer, but I knew she was making an excuse to get off the phone because she did not know what to say. We didn’t talk for a week after that and she sent me an ugly sweater and a couple of DVDs for Christmas instead of a check. I’m thankful for all of the presents that my mom sent, but clearly she doesn’t want me to use her money to buy recreational marijuana products.

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