I thought it was only flower and edibles

When I was young cannabis was still pretty taboo, but the people who smoked were pretty seedy.

The thought of getting a drug corporation was entirely scary to me too! I only got access to weed at the occasional get-together.

It was constantly the same too. There was either someone who brought pot brownies or who had cannabis flowers. I had tried smoking through a bowl and found I didn’t entirely appreciate lighting it. I also tried smoking through a bong. There was so much toil in the heating process that I usually messed it up and had someone help me. I entirely didn’t appreciate smoking the flower since it felt too much appreciate a cigarette. I didn’t want to eat fattening brownies anytime I wanted to get high, then so as a young woman, I didn’t partake in weed at all! When I got older and recreational cannabis became legal in our state, I decided to look around the dispensary. I then realized that I could smoke cannabis, however only an oil form. There is no difficult setup and heating process with oil, then you just press a button and are on your way. I wouldn’t look dumb when I wanted to smoke… As far as edibles go, there are so several more options than brownies too. I can even get drinks, cooking oils and butters if I want to. I can choose to have a tasty baked wonderful appreciate a brownie, cookie or cake. There are also handy candies, mints, gums and tablets too. The cannabis world is more vast than I thought.

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