I think I hit it too hard on Thursday night

I went out to a late lunch with some old friends on Thursday night and the two of us opted to go to a club when lunch was done.

The two of us hung out, danced, and drank until the club closed after 3:00 a.m last call. I drank more than five beers at the bar. I also went outside with some friends and the two of us smoked a recreational marijuana blunt, but when I finally stepped out of the club on Thursday night, I was very ready to pass out and go to sleep. I was supposed to go fishing with some friends the next morning. I set the alarm for 7:00 in the morning, so I would be able to sleep for a couple of minutes before my friend Gus arrived to option myself and others up. I completely slept through the alarm and I did not hear it at all. I didn’t wake up until it was after 10 and Gus had called myself and others more than 2 times. I gathered all of my belongings and got prepared to leave the house. I figured I could take an Uber to the marina and Gus could come back to option myself and others up. My head was aching and hurting after drinking beer and smoking recreational marijuana the night before. I was filled with energy when I finally woke up, however the energy suddenly dissipated. I thought it was an enjoyable system to smoke some recreational marijuana that morning, because it would supply myself and others with some extra energy. Instead of choosing an indica strain, I chose a sativa called Blue Dream. The Blue Dream marijuana strain made myself and others recognize energized and uplifted.