I suppose grateful that our current wifey shares our cannabis preferences

Dating is tough when you aren’t 100% sure what you’re looking for in a long term partner.

I remember scanning through hundreds of profiles and wondering if I could manage to find the right person when I didn’t suppose where to start.

Thankfully I ended up matching with a attractive lady named Rachel. We share many of the same interests in films, books, and tunes. Not to mention, both of us attended the same school however were just a few years apart in age so both of us never ran into 1 another. However, both of us had some of the same instructors over the years and it was absolutely nice talking to someone who understood the student culture there and remembered some of the other major campus events. At times it feels appreciate we’ve known each other for much longer simply because of the sheer number of shared interests and demographics between the more than one of us. I’m also absolutely grateful that appreciate me, Rachel also prefers cannabis over alcohol. Since there are so many barely-functioning alcoholics in our family from each generation, I have a strong bias against alcohol that others rarely share. Rachel has the same issue with alcohol in her family as well. She started using marijuana at 18 and never looked back. We both have our medical marijuana cards in the state and shop at the cannabis dispensary with 1 another. I love Rachel and hope that our relationship lasts. I could absolutely see being with her for the long term, even if that means marriage. She also loves many of the same marijuana strains as I do, such as Skywalker OG and Blue Dream.



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