I sleep much better when I smoke weed

There are several nights throughout the week when I toss and turn and have trouble sleeping.

  • I definitely lay awake in bed for hours and count all of the dots on the ceiling tiles.

I can usually count all the way to a thousand before I fall asleep. I’ve also tried counting sheep and drinking warm milk before I go to bed. I’ve tried countless different sleeping aids like melatonin and zzzquil. Nothing has helped at all. Then, just last Friday night, I was hanging out with a group of guys and we decided to smoke a recreational marijuana joint at the bar. One of my friends had a recreational marijuana joint and I took a couple of puffs. I was very talkative and energetic at the bar. After I got the munchies and ate three burgers and a large fry, I was tired and ready to go to sleep. It’s simply been a long time since I remember feeling that tired. I laid down in my bed and the air conditioner felt great. It was very cool in my room, just the way that I like it. I definitely fell asleep rather quickly and I don’t even remember counting any of the specs on the ceiling. I slept a full 8 hours and woke up feeling more refreshed than I have in a long time. It seems that I sleep much better when I smoke weed. I don’t have the courage to go to the marijuana dispensary on my own and pick out supplies, but I’m going to ask my friend where he got those joints.

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