I sent the worker to the HR department

I hired a modern lady to work at the cannabis dispensary a couple of weeks ago, but each a single of the people that work at the cannabis dispensary have to pass a background check, however we don’t look for misdemeanor crimes that you might have committed when you were a kid.

We are looking for extreme crimes that might affect your ability to work inside of a cannabis dispensary, then the modern lady had a small ding on her background, but the HR department decided to let him start laboring… I received an text from the HR department this day plus it was an urgent flag on the corner.

I opened the text from the HR department plus it explicitly told myself and others to call the employee instantly plus send them to the HR department on the other side of town. The employee happened to be laboring that day plus on the schedule for a 6-hour shift. I told the employee there must be some style of problem, because the HR department wanted to see him instantly. The kid looked appreciate she knew something must be wrong, and she took everything from her locker when she left the building. I didn’t hear anything at all from the human resources department for several hours plus the young lady never came back to work, then later that day I had another text from the human resources department. The letter briefly explained that the employee was no longer eligible to work for the Cannabis dispensary due to a ding that was found on her federal criminal history. I have no plan what that could be.

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