I probably shouldn’t have smoked and drank

On New Year’s eve, my friends and I decided to go to a club.

I don’t usually go to a club for dancing and drinking, but it was New Year’s Eve and my friends really wanted me to go along.

I would have been happy Tuesday at home watching the television in my pajamas, but my friends insisted that we would have a lot more fun if I went to the club with them. I actually did have a lot of fun, so I’m glad that they talked me into going to the club. I probably should not have smoked marijuana and drink alcohol. I don’t usually smoke recreational marijuana and I rarely drink alcohol. Every once in a while, I will have a glass of wine with dinner, but I had shots of tequila and a couple of beers at the club. I had a buzz by 9:00 in the evening. One of my friends said that I would feel a lot better if I smoked recreational marijuana. We went outside to the car and we smoked a recreational marijuana joint. I took a couple of hits from the marijuana joint and I coughed a couple of times. The marijuana strain was very flavorful. I didn’t ask what it was, but it smelled really strong and potent. I was giggly and laughing by the time we went back into the club. I did feel better for a while, but then I got the munchies and I wanted to leave the club and go to the diner down the street.

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