I petitioned the insurance company to cover medical marijuana.

I honestly believed that if doctors were going to recommend medical marijuana products to their patients, said medical marijuana products should be covered by our insurance.

I had excellent health insurance and prescription coverage through my insurance plan.

When my doctor told me I would get better results from medical marijuana than from other medications, I immediately got my medical marijuana ID card. I should have asked my doctor if my insurance covered medical marijuana. I knew I had to pay a higher premium for some of my medications, and I thought that was the case with medical marijuana. I thought it would be a higher tier copay. I never thought there would be no insurance coverage. I called the insurance company when I got back from the marijuana dispensary and asked if they were ever going to pay for medical marijuana. The insurance agent said that until the federal government sanctioned medical marijuana as a true health prescriptive they couldn’t. Insurance companies were governed by the federal government which meant as far as they knew, medical marijuana was illegal to use. I was now on a mission to petition the federal government, starting at the state level, to legal medical marijuana and allow insurance companies to help pay for it. I stared talking to some of our state representatives, senators, and governor, but I was getting nowhere, but that didn’t mean I was giving up. I knew it could take several years, and I already have a petition signed by almost one million people who use medical marijuana. It may take a bit longer, but I’m doing my best to make medical marijuana legal federally.