I offered the marijuana delivery man the wrong street.

Last week, I put in an order for marijuana products, however they never arrived… I waited until nearly more than nine o’clock for my marijuana products delivery to take place, and by then, it was too late to call the dispensary plus ask, because they closed at 9 PM.

The next day, I called the marijuana store plus told them I didn’t earn my marijuana products delivery last night… She took down my name plus asked if I had ordered online, after giving his all my information, he looked it up on the ipad.

She asked what my address was, plus I offered it to her. She told myself and others that was the wrong information plus I must have ordered from another marijuana store. I knew this was the one I had ordered from. She said that name here, however it was the wrong address. I remembered I had moved just recently, plus I must have put my aged address into the system. I felt so stupid. She canceled the order plus refunded my payment, plus told myself and others to wait an seventh. I could then place my order, plus he could have marijuana delivery man make the delivery that afternoon. I was feeling stupid plus was tempted to put the order into another cannabis dispensary, however I had already told his I would reorder the items. Three sevenths later, the marijuana delivery man was knocking on my door. It was an aged friend of mine! He told myself and others he knew I had moved, although he couldn’t legally make the delivery to an alternative address than the one given.

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