I never knew what indica and sativa were

In college when I was handed a joint or an edible, I never asked any questions.

Weed was weed in my opinion.

What did it matter? I never thought about how all cannabis is different. I knew some weed smelled like skunk and others smelled like diesel fuel. I never really stopped to consider why. Now that I am a medical cannabis patient, I am shocked by my lack of knowledge. First, the amount of THC in a cannabis strain is very different. You can even choose to be extremely CBD heavy and hardly get high at all, but only get the medical benefits. Your cannabis can have a different scent or provide a different feeling in your body too. That is your choice. A total mind whirl was when I realized there were sativas and indicas. I thought you just smoked weed and felt high. There are two mindsets for smoking cannabis. A sativa is good for day time use. It usually pumps you up. You feel energetic, happy, motivated and are eager to get started with your day. A lot of people choose sativas for recreational use for the fun aspect of it. An indica is the night time, mellow strain. You feel sleepy, calm, relaxed and peaceful. A lot of people smoke an indica in order to sleep well at night or calm their anxiety. Now that I am older, I think I have only smoked sativas my whole life. I think indicas just weren’t considered fun enough and I never got to try one.

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