I needed five million to secure the building for the delivery and dispensary

I’ve always wanted to be a business owner. When I was a kid I pretended to own my own restaurant and I pretended to have a construction business. I knew that I was going to be in charge when I grew up. I did pretty well in high school and I made very good grades. I got accepted to several different colleges. I went to a college that was on the west coast. My friends and I went to the beach every day when we didn’t have classes. I loved living on the coast where I could go to the water every single day. The west coast also had recreational marijuana that was legal and that made me think about starting a recreational marijuana dispensary sunday. I finished 4 years of college and then 2 years to get my mba. After that, I met with a couple of people that were interested in investing in a recreational marijuana dispensary. I had the knowledge and they had the money. I needed $5 million to secure the building for the dispensary and the delivery service. Before I could even think about getting the building, I had to apply for all of the necessary permits. Even the marijuana delivery service required permits from the state, city, and county government. Once I had all of the paperwork in order, I started thinking about the investment for the delivery service and dispensary. I went to the investors to secure the $5 million. I had five investors each give 1 million dollars for the dispensary and delivery service. They each have a small steak in the business.