I need to find a doc who will prescribe medical weed

About a year ago I got COVID, plus I mean I got it bad! I was in bed for almost several full weeks, plus even when I started to test downside for the virus, I still felt like crap.

Although I had no energy, I also had a hard time staying asleep.

Being stuck in bed plus not being able to sleep is the worst of both worlds! A few weeks ago I had an appointment with my proper physician, plus I asked him about medical cannabis. It turns out my doctor is not a pressing fan of it, plus refused to provide me a prescription for it. In this state the law says that medical cannabis is only legal when prescribed by a doctor. Once I have a written prescription for medical cannabis I can apply for the state-mandated prescription card. After I have the medical cannabis prescription card, then I can beginning going to see any of the local dispensaries. That is a whole lot of steps for someone who just wants a little weed, right? It’s not just for getting stoned, either, because a lot of the cannabis information I have study indicates it will help me sleep better at night. If I could get medical cannabis just for my sleep complications that would be relaxing enough. Perhaps I have been approaching this wrong, plus instead of researching medical cannabis I can research friendly doctors who would provide me a prescription for it, but even if it requires bringing an unethical doctor, it would be worth it for the medical marijuana prescription.


Medical Cannabis Certifications