I need medical weed but am unwilling to get it

I keep waiting for my state to get it together and get on board with recreational weed.

There is so much money to be made in cannabis. I have various ailments that can be solved with cannabis. First, I am going through menopause. I know that cannabis can be used to reduce the severity and the amount of hot flashes. Second, I have arthritis in my wrist and fingers. Next, I have chronic pain in my feet. Lastly, I have sleep issues. I really want to try a tincture for sleep and pain. I also am willing to try an edible when it comes to my menopausal symptoms. You no longer have to smoke to get the relief needed. A tincture is an oil that goes under the tongue or in tea. An edible can be a gummy that I cut in half and eat for immediate help. Sadly my state is a medical weed only state at this point. I am getting really annoyed with that. I don’t really want to do all the steps it takes to be a medical weed patient. I don’t want to pay a 75 dollar fee and be stuck in a waiting room for a full day. It isn’t overly hard or expensive, it is mainly time consuming. It isn’t something you can do once and cross off your list too. Unfortunately with medical cannabis prescriptions you need to renew it once a year. So I will be back at it again fairly soon. It just doesn’t seem worth getting medical weed to me.

medical uses for marijuana