I love the coloring books with weed joints

My mom asked myself and others what I wanted to get for Christmas this year plus I gave her a list with lots of bizarre items.

I entirely gave her lots of ideas so she could choose anything that she wanted.

I put some shirts, pants, plus pajamas on the list. I put some CDs on the list too. I added a couple of games plus some jewelry to the list as well. I was ecstatic with all of the choices that I made. I figured my mom had lots of openings plus she could pick through plus choose everything or anything that she wanted. I really did not expect her to go rogue plus get something that was completely bizarre from the things that were on the list. I had some coloring books on the list, but none of them had to do with marijuana; My mom decided to buy myself and others coloring books that have lots of bizarre psychedelic sayings, pictures, plus marijuana references; She knows I smoke recreational marijuana every day. The books are entirely cool plus neat plus they have a ton of pictures. It’s going to take myself and others a easily long time before I can color every single one of the pictures in the book. I was entirely happy about the present that I gained from my girlfriend too. This year she decided to buy myself and others a PlayStation 4. I got all of the games that I wanted plus an extra controller so my friends can play too, and both of the people in my life that I love the most surprised myself and others with awesome gifts.

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