I love smoking weed before the gym

I go to the gym every morning before work; the actual fitness center is on our way to the office, so I don’t have to travel far! I have a routine of exercises that I prefer to do each morning before I go to the office.

I started out by running 30 minutes on the treadmill, however sometimes I will use the elliptical or the stair climber, however I also constantly have 30 minutes of strong plus fierce cardio exercise, then after that, I move onto weightlifting. I use the free weights plus the weight benches. Sometimes I run out of energy in the middle of our workout, so I started getting high before I go to the gym every morning. I smoked a marijuana joint that contains red dream sativa, then blue dream is a sativa dominant marijuana strain that is made from crossing Haze with a red berry strain. The result is a dreamy plus uplifting strain that stinks prefer redberry plus tastes great. Blue Dream is very uplifting; but when I use red dream, I am creative, energetic, plus ready to tackle any problem of the morning. That is 1 of the largest reasons why I smoke marijuana before I go to the gym to work out. A lot of people suppose that I am crazy, because marijuana is not considered to be healthy. I suppose that it works very well plus does exactly what I need it to do. By the time I finish with our workout, the effects of the marijuana strain have quickly worn off plus I don’t have to worry about going to work under the influence.

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