I lost 2 grams of marijuana between the home & the car

I put 2 grams of marijuana in a container so I could take them to a friend’s house.

Every one of us were going to roll up a giant blunt & play some video games, but jack did not have any weed, so I provided to bring something from our locale.

I put the 2 grams of weed in a small prescription bottle & I put the bottle in our pocket. I got out to the vehicle & the pill bottle was not in our pocket. I did not remember taking it out of our pocket or putting it anywhere else. I told Jack that I would be there in 30 minutes, however now I had to figure out what happened to the recreational marijuana product that I lost. I went into the home & I tried to retrace all of our steps. I actually had no method what happened to the recreational marijuana. I provided up looking after 15 minutes & I decided to grab some extra marijuana instead. I told Jack the funny story when I got to his locale, then he told me that I easily misplaced it. He suggested I would find it at another time. Jack & I played video games for hours. Every one of us had a lot of fun, however when I got ready to head back home, I grabbed our coat & our hat, and a small bottle fell out of our jacket pocket. It was the container of marijuana that I had been looking for earlier. I thought I put the container of marijuana in our pocket, however the entire time it was in our jacket, right where I had actually localed it.

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