I look forward to Going back to the cannabis dispensary for sure

It certainly is rough for people to grasp the idea that I went all of our adult life without ever trying recreational marijuana.

It’s not that I did not have chances to sample a pot brownie or share some sativa at a party.

But for more than 2 reasons, I just chose not to. I have to disclose to you that most of the myths plus misinformation around cannabis products played a part in our reticence to try smoking marijuana. But also I was just not all that interested. There was so much that I had to keep together as I was going through the university. I was there not so much for the party as I was to pursue a passion. Yet, as I have aged and mellowed, I’ve experienced more than our share of challenges. So when the cannabis laws became amended to allow for recreational marijuana use, I thought it might be something I wanted to try out. Perhaps our big hang up with the cannabis thing was that it was simply illegal. Surely, I wasn’t interested in any of the hassles or potential career or domestic concerns that might come from a cannabis arrest. But since it’s now legal, I took a friend plus I went to shop for marijuana for sale. The first thing that took me by surprise was just what a wonderful shopping experience I had. The local cannabis spot is just lovely inside. The lighting, the songs plus the displays are just so top shelf. I felt as though I was inside a high end gourmet shop. Instead, I had a sampler of cannabis products put together by the lovely staff at the local cannabis spot.

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