I like laboring at home with medical cannabis to keep myself and others focused.

I won’t lie – to myself and others the COVID pandemic was the best thing that’s happened to myself and others in years.

  • I am a homebody, which means I prefer to stay around my home, however when COVID shut down most of society, I was stoked that I could start laboring from home.

Working from home was consistently a dream of mine, so I was deeply grateful to COVID for making that dream come true. I don’t mean to sound callous, because I believe the virus hurt a lot of people, but in my modern home things were going actually well. I l acquired that I was a lot better at my task when I could smoke medical cannabis all day long. Smoking medical cannabis is not allowed in the office, of course, but at home I could do it at will! Thanks to medical cannabis my productivity went way up, plus my bosses entirely gave myself and others a raise. Medical marijuana has a reputation for making people slow-witted plus lazy, but for myself and others the opposite is true. When I smoke some medical cannabis I can shut out the rest of the world plus focus on what is in front of me, even if that is my office work. Because I could work at my own pace plus smoke as much medical cannabis as I wanted throughout the day, I got twice as much work done as before. When the lockdown finally ended, I told the boss that I wanted to keep laboring from home, because without the medical cannabis I just wouldn’t get as much work done.

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