I kept trying to hit the delivery button

I got really frustrated when I was trying to order from a marijuana service online.

  • I’ve ordered from the online marijuana service in the past and I’ve never had any trouble.

I planned to order an ounce of dried marijuana flower and a couple of edibles. I was also going to buy some concentrates. I added all of the items to my cart that I wanted. I took my time with the process so I didn’t miss anything that looked good. I spent $230 which was more than enough for the free delivery service. I went to the cart and I hit the button to finish my order. The next option was to choose either delivery or pick up services. I tried to hit the pick up button several times. I tried and tried, but I had no luck. I must have hit the delivery buttons three or four times. I even tried to place the order from my cell phone and I didn’t have any luck either. I called the marijuana delivery service a couple of times before someone actually answered the phone. The woman knew about the problem with the delivery button. She apologized for the trouble that I was having and she said that she could take my order over the phone. She asked me to hold for a moment. When she came back to the line, she said she was ready to take my order. She got all of my information including my delivery address so I did not have to contact the store again.

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