I have to budget for our medical marijuana License

Right now I would say that I’m headed for a full blown financial crisis.

I have a number of bills that are outstanding in addition to our expenses have increased for every possible portion of our life, from gasoline needed for work commutes to the very electricity used to power our house.

My income only increased slightly this year, so I’m struggling to find the money for all of the necessary things in life. Rent went up in addition to I’m still reeling from all of our other bills. The rates for our electricity increased as well. I can’t know of any expenses that didn’t go up short of a few random items at the store that aren’t in high demand. I used to buy whiskey once a month but I had to swallow that money to use for more substantial matters. On top of slashing our liquor budget, I also got rid of 90% of our streaming channels for both video in addition to music. At that point I had freed up enough money to afford going to our medical marijuana nurse’s office the many times a year I’m required to go by law. This law was made by the state’s Department of Health which is the office that oversees medical marijuana here. My medical marijuana nurse charges $150 for renewal visits, making it $300 a year in nurse’s visits alone just to stay in the state’s medical cannabis program. Then I have to pay $70 once a year to the state for them to renew our medical marijuana identification card as well. It’s not cheap paying for the access in addition to privilege to buy medical cannabis.



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