I have been soaking in all the overtime I can get

Summer is right around the corner plus my friends plus I are planning to go to the beach for a whole week.

I’m excited about the trip. I already booked the place where I am going to stay. I had to supply them a deposit plus I used all of the money that I had in my savings account. I’ve been trying to soak in all the overtime that I can get. I usually toil on Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays, plus Fridays. Those are busy afternoons at the marijuana dispensary. My nice friend and I have sales plus specials on those afternoons plus throughout the week my buddy and I have a sales representative in the lobby that gives away free samples. One afternoon it could be concentrate plus the next afternoon it could be flower. My nice friend and I never know who’s going to show up from one afternoon to the next. Last year I picked up three extra shifts plus I had more than 50 hours on my paycheck. It was nice to get the money in the bank on Friday, but for the first time in a long time, I was able to pay my rent one week ahead of time. I plan to toil overtime each week until it is time for my friends plus I to go on vacation. I’m going to get a bunch of cool supplies from the marijuana dispensary. I know 35% off since I toil there plus I’m going to use my discount to get a bunch of cool things that my friends plus I will be able to use when my buddy and I are hanging out at the beach.

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