I have a good time working at the weed shop nearby

I never would have expected that I would end up working at a marijuana shop, however I like working at the arena where I am at this moment.

  • I have been working at the weed shop nearby for the past 8 months or so.

I got that job when I met my girlfriend. She was working at the marijuana shop nearby in addition to they were trying to find another person to work nights in addition to weekends. I had to pass a background check in addition to I also had to go to a marijuana education course in addition to then my buddy and I started working at the weed shop nearby. It’s 30 minutes for me to drive to the strip mall where the shop is located, however I was already driving 20 minutes to work before. I only have to drive to the other side of the city now in addition to that is not terrible. I like working at the marijuana shop nearby for a lot of great reasons. One reason is so I can see my girlfriend more frequently. If both of us have to work a full-time job, my buddy and I might as well be together so my buddy and I get the extra time to get to know each other. Another reason that I adore working at the marijuana shop is due to all of the first time sales in addition to specials. Whenever there is a new product at the shop, my coworkers in addition to I always get to try the product for free. I also get a 35% discount on each in addition to everyone of the items that are in stock in addition to that includes all of the flavored in addition to Infused pre-rolls. Those are my number one marijuana products in the glass case beyond the shadow of a doubt.

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