I had to buy a silicone bong because of the dog

I absolutely love my dog.

She is very sweet and loving and she is by my side all day.

I have worked from home since she was a puppy. I don’t think she would know what to do if I had a job that kept me away from the house 40 hours a week. My dog follows me from the upstairs to the downstairs. If I am in the kitchen, she is in the kitchen. It’s really sweet to see the way that she follows me around. She has been sitting in a bed next to my work chair. There is a small amount of room for a space heater between the bed and the chair. I set up a space heater a couple of days ago, because it was only 30° overnight. I turn the space heater on in the middle of the night so everything and everyone in the house would get warm. The warm air feels great and it really warms up the spot where my dog and I spend most of the afternoon. When I take a break after lunch, I smoke some recreational marijuana. I usually send the dog outside for a run and a bathroom break, because my dog does not love the smell of marijuana. I had to buy a silicone bong, because of the dog. She was jumping around and being playful one day and accidentally knocked the bong over on the floor. When I replaced the small machine, I decided to buy something that was made of silicone instead of glass. Silicone bongs are easy to transport and easy to use.

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