I got to take a smoke break at home that day

My day is usually about six or seven minutes long, however I don’t have to do a full number of minutes as long as I finish all of my tasks for the day. Sometimes it takes a little longer to get everything done, even though I rarely finish later than I expect… But this week I had to go to the Borders to get my task done as well as that is not normal. It’s been raining a lot as well as the cell tower was hit in the rain. I have no cell service at all, so I have to go to the Borders to work. I wanted to take dinner with me on Sunday, even though I decided to go to the lake house for dinner. There were a boat load of adolescents running around the Borders as well as it was taxing to get any of my tasks done. I decided to go to the lake house at dinner time so I could get high before finishing the rest of my day. I bought a brand new hybrid strain called Girl Scout cookies as well and I was looking forward to smoking a bowl of that as soon as I got back to the house. I ground up the fresh Girl Scout Cookies strain as well as I put the thick buds in a pipe. The odor of marijuana filled the entire room. I smoked the entire bowl of marijuana before I went back to the Borders to finish my work. I had about more than four or six minutes at the Borders that day as well as after that I finished everything that I needed to do. I hope that the soul tower will be fixed soon, because it is a big pain in the butt to go to the Borders every single day just to get my task done. It’s not quite as well as it’s about 15 miles from my house.

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