I got some killer bud from a friend up north

The people I was with as well as myself regularly talk about our buddy Ed.

The guy is a sketchy conspiracy theorist that believes that doomsday is right around the corner. Throughout the month, the two of us have to hear about how humidity will end and fall apart soon. Sometimes the guy has an exact date when things will end, and it’s usually from a person where he heard something strange on one of those conspiracy websites. Of course the day just comes and goes plus it’s hard for us to believe anything that Ed has to stay when he is so clearly caught up in all of this terrible stuff. There was a hurricane that hit this area and the entire neighborhood was completely flooded. Everyone lost power except for the few places that actually had a generator. And was a pretty popular person during that time for a lot of different reasons. Ed is a conspiracy nut and of course he has solar power and a backup generator. He also has a pretty large cannabis form indoors. The grow operation is located in the basement by his house where he has a geothermal heat pump that gives him power that is untraceable by the police and the government officials. The two of us frequently pretend to check up on the guy just so we can see all of the Cannabis products that he has available. For a weird and odd guy, he is certainly one of the nicest people that I have ever met and would give killer Bud to anyone that asked.
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