I got buy two and get one half off anything in the store

The marijuana dispensary near me has a great sale every single day of the week. Anytime at all, I can buy two items and get a third half off. I can even mix and match the deals. As long as the third item is the cheapest of the three, I can get whatever I want. A couple of weeks ago when the sale first started, I bought 2 grams of cannabis concentrate and I got another one for half off. This week when I went to the dispensary, I decided to buy an ounce of dried marijuana flower and 2 grams of concentrate. The ounce of dried marijuana flower was the most expensive item that I bought. I had to pay full price for that item as well as one of the grams of cannabis concentrate. The other gram of cannabis concentrate was half price. I chose a gram of cannabis concentrate that I have not tried before. The hybrid strain was called Girl Scout cookies. The hybrid made me feel very relaxed and pain-free, but I did not feel sleepy. A lot of hybrids make me feel sleepy, so I was happy to find a strain that helped with pain and didn’t make me pass out. I went back to the dispensary yesterday and I bought two more grams of cannabis concentrate. I got the Girl Scout Cookies strain again and I also got another strain called ethos cookies. For my third and final half price item, I decided to get an eighth of top shelf infused flower. The eighth of dried marijuana flower was $70

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