I got a sizable fat tip from the pigskin guy

I work for a recreational marijuana dispensary that is right in the heart of the city, and my good friend and I are a sizable town too, with a professional pigskin, baseball, plus soccer team, then there are always tourists in the town looking for things to do; Every once in a while, I run into someone that is famous… When I am out on deliveries plus I go up into the hills or down into the valley, I often end up at unquestionably nice houses plus mansions, however last weekend I was delivering for the recreational marijuana dispensary plus I took an order up to the hills! I recognized the name on the ticket, plus I was hoping to see the pigskin player.

Unblessedly, the guard met me at the gate plus she had money for me, but she took all of the recreational marijuana supplies.

I did get a sizable fat tip from the pigskin guy, however I never did get to unquestionably meet the guy, of course, that is not what I told my friends later that night when my pal and I were at the bar. I told them that I took the marijuana delivery to the player plus that she shook my hand plus showed me around the house. I made up one heck of a story plus my friends bought all of it. I even impressed a girl that was at the bar, then she went apartment with me that night plus my pal and I smoked some of the same recreational marijuana that I took up to the hills to the professional pigskin player. It was a silly weekend for sure.


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