I finished work early, so I went outside to smoke a joint

Moving to the city was a great idea, because I’m much closer to work and the fun nightlife. I live in an apartment building where all of the apartments have access from a central hallway. It’s kind of like a hotel or a motel. There’s an elevator, too. My apartment is right in the middle of the row of doors and I’m on the fourth floor of a seven floor building. It’s hard to hear much of the noise from outside unless I am standing near the window in my living room. My office and desk are located in the corner of my bedroom. I took my dog out for a walk in the morning and the sun was shining. I smoked a cannabis joint in the park while Jack did his business. I went back to my place to get more work completed. A couple of hours passed, because I worked until I was done. Jack was ready to go for another walk and I was ready to smoke another marijuana joint. I grabbed his leash and a pre roll and we headed over to the elevator. When we hit the lobby, I realized that it was raining. It was raining really hard too. I couldn’t believe that I didn’t hear the rain from my place. I went back upstairs so I could grab a jacket. I decided not to smoke a joint while I took the dog for a walk this time. I knew it would get wet and ruined and I only had a few more pre rolls in the pack.

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