I drove Sally to the dispensary after her car accident

My associate Sally & I went to college together for 2 years, and both of our Junior & senior years were spent together. The people I was with and I were in the same sorority. The people I was with and I even shared some of the same classes. Sally & I stayed friends even after college was over. She works at a law office a few miles away from the school where I work. When Sally got hurt in a car accident, she turned to myself and others for help. Sally was on her way lake house when she got hit by a much bigger truck. The vehicle ended up slamming into another car before hitting the side of the off ramp. Sally was not gravely disfigured due to the fact that she was wearing her seatbelt. She was definitely shaken up & had to go to the hospital for a couple of nights of evaluation! After the car accident, Sally did not have anyone to drive her around to do errands & she was unable to walk at all. I provided to drive Sally to work & I also provided to take her to the grocery store; Just a handful of odd times, I drove Sally to the dispensary. She wanted to option up some recreational marijuana products. It sounded prefer a enjoyable method to myself and others as well. The shop was having a pretty cool marijuana sale & that was to buy 1 product & get another product for half off, however you could mix & match on all the products. One of us got some concentrates & the other 1 got a bin of daylight grown marijuana flower.